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CRASHING THE 2018 Voice Art awardS!

-by J.E. Burton

For four years now, I've been reading about the buzz that is the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, or SOVAS- is- and its impact in the voiceover industry all over the world. Here in Burbank is this prestigious awards ceremony that voiceover artists vie for the recognition of a specific niche each artist has carved out of his or her dedication to her craft. To earn or buy coveted tickets to this ceremony is no small feat- they sell out every year, they're a means for each serious voiceover artist to receive the notoriety due him as a result of continued training to stay fresh and relevant in a voiceover market sea attracting flumes of plucky newcomers and other, less assiduous persons hawking their wares on fiverr in efforts to offer clients quantity over value.

They are expensive to buy, and are priced per big event. But thankfully, it seems I may gain admission this year, thanks to a trusted industry connection and colleague who will remain nameless.

So what's it about? I know very little about the event. But more established peers, like J Michael Collins, have won multiple Voice Arts Awards in a single showcase, as he won four of them in 2016. Jenn Henry tends to show there too.

So what exactly are the SOVAS and why do they seem to pass the average voice artist by?

That and several more answers are coming soon!

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